[A photo of Angus]

My name is Angus Barnaby Piercey. I was born on 15th June 1995 (a Gemini), so I am now 24 years old. I gave my parents much grief until I could communicate with them, after the age of 3. I screamed and screamed so they thought I was autistic! I now go to Stoke Row School where my best friends are Jack, Sebastian & Tom and my favourite subject is Maths. My pictures and writing are getting neater, too.

I used to love Action Man & Mr Strong. I still love all sorts of machinery that you might find on a farm! It's great living here, as Daddy collects anything yellow and rusty to repair, so I always get to climb on it, press pedals and play with steering wheels, until everything's fixed and running!

My favourite T.V. programmes are Dennis the Menace, Ed, Ed and Eddy, Wallace & Gromit and CRASHES - Monster trucks that race or drive over old cars! Wicked and cool!

The School Portrait of 2003!

I like Henry sometimes, but he does tease me! He lets me watch him play computer games, too. I like Polly when she plays nicely with me. Sometimes, she's a bit bossy and makes me cry but tells everyone that they're just crocodile tears. Other times she organises us to play the best games of hide and seek round our garden, or park-the-pedal-on toy and she then gives us parking tickets depending on how well we've parked. She can be quite kind, sometimes! George and I play lots and lots together. He copies me and does most of the things that I suggest. We play in the sand pit, share my 12 volt Quad Bike and then later, colour in our books quietly at bedtime or first thing in the morning. He's my pal! Bonny is cute and I just smile at her or tickle her. She always smiles back!

George, Angus and Bonny are really good pals... most of the time!

I don't eat terribly well, according to Mummy, but pizza and sweets are my favourites! I also like the green apple with white spots, called 'Granny Smiths', red pepper occasionally and fromage frais.

I sleep with a special blanket. He's called 'Ben Blanket'. As soon as I made up the name, George and I had fits of giggles!!! At least I don't have a ragged old love hankie, like he does!

Bye - Angus Barnaby

Angus and friends at his 8th birthday party!

Leaves always need clearing here in the autumn

Christmas gifts from Oz!

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