Play my tune A photo of Bonny

  • Hello! My name is Bonny Arden Piercey. I was born on the 3rd October 2000, so I am now 18 years old. I'm a Libran child of the New Millennium. I've been called Bonnykins, Bon Bon and Looby Loo for some reason! Some people say "Bonny Arden in the Garden!" Weird! But they also say "What a lovely smile!" to me!! And that makes me all excited and even happier!!!
  • I'm learning to talk back and can now say "Hello" and "Duck" but only if I feel like it!!! I am the MUCK MACHINE according to Mummy and Polly! I'm currently enjoying finger foods like Chocolate Fingers!!! I draw on my legs with the melted chocolate and then stick them behind my ears! They make me the muckiest little girl around but I do get a lovely warm bath every night and always attempt to soak Mummy with the splashes - ah, great fun!!
  • Polly is a great sister to play with, but she sometimes leaves me on the carpet and disappears to play on her computer!! That is REALLY annoying!!!! The boys like me, only when THEY want me, but I know, deep down, that they all love me!
  • Just a little note to add - I've got a new cousin. Auntie Gwen and Uncle Adrian produced a new baby girl for me to play with on the 12th July, 2001 and she's called Eleanor. I KNOW that...girls just want to have fun....!!!
    Cute as pie! Bubbly!

    Off she flits to a party - 2003!

    In true Libran style, give her choice, i.e. orange or cranberry juice, and she'll take time to choose! She is also very loving and feminine, favouring pink over all other colours! Bonny also sings beautifully, too. Obviously, Bonny is growing all the time... currently attending the local playgroup, they inform us that she is bright and keen to learn more! Somewhat demanding when she wants something, she doesn't give in easily. Wonder how she'll fare at Nursery School in the autumn? When she's good, she's very, very good but when she's bad she's HORRID!'

    Sisters are doing it for themselves!

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