[A photo of George]

My name is George Arnold Piercey. Used to be called Munchkin, but now it's usually Georgie. I was born on 23rd April (Taurus), 1997, so I am now 22 years old. The date of my birth is the reason I was given the name, George - 23rd April is St. George's Day!

I used to like Bob the Builder and diggers. Daddy has all sorts on the farm including his ancient JCB, but his old Land Rover is really smart. I used to play Zoombinis or Tonka Workshop on the PEWTER (commonly known as the computer) but have to wait until it's logging in time. Daddy's very strict about when we play and logs our network out at certain times of the day! Dinosaurs and reptiles are very interesting, along with Top Trumps cards and the GameCube that Henry allows us to play on! It's become my addiction!

I now go to Stoke Row School. When Angus & I come home from school as he usually suggests we play a game or go and play hide and seek or, if it's hot, we get the water pistols out and play with Henry, too. He usually teases us and makes us scream, especially on the trampoline! Henry invented a new game with a hose pipe sprinkling on the trampoline when it was hot! Angus has been a great brother and I very rarely fight with him. In the summer, we sleep in the tent. He won't go out there without me! Polly, is kinder to me than she is to Angus, maybe because I'm smaller. She invents great games to play. I have to learn quickly to keep up with them all!

George, Angus and Bonny are really good pals... most of the time!

The most important staple in my diet is MATNO SORCE (or if you speak properly, tomato sauce!) I have it on bread, chips, with chicken and with lettuce!!! I eat all sorts of fruit and I used to eat my broccoli and carrots at tea time but now Mummy calls me the "little biscuit barrel" as I like Jaffa cakes the best!

In 1999, our family went on a plane together (first time for all of us children!) which seats 16 people. Flying was a little bit odd and my eyes nearly popped out in amazement when we took off!!! We flew across the channel to Alderney - a little island which has a great deal to offer a family wanting the peaceful outdoors and desserted beaches for just us...heavenly! But don't tell anyone or it may get crowded over there!

I have a very old love hankie, which goes everywhere with me, especially to bed. It's my replacement cuddle just incase I can't get one ... if everyone's too busy!

Bye bye - Georgie.

So exciting when you're six!

Christmas Gifts for George from Oz 2003!

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