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My name is Ingrid (this picture taken January 2005) and I'm currently married to Robin, a king-of-his-castle type Leo, and have been since July 1988. We have known eachother since 1982. Medals all round! Read all about HIM on his page! He doesn't mention me at all so here's my bit...


  • Educated originally at Langtree and then on to do 'A' levels at King James College, Henley (as it used to be known in the good old days) followed by a stint at Oxpens College in Oxford for a few more results. I had a place to take up Teacher Training at Winchester but that's another story!
  • Lived all my childhood (until about 17) in an old thatched cottage with outside toilet in a small hamlet called Nuney Green, with my Father Stan, Mother Valerie (see recent pix of her here) and brothers. My Grandmother moved into the cottage with us at a later date. My Aunt, Uncle and four female cousins lived across the field. Take a look at for some family history!
  • Dad, Paul & Danny

  • My two brothers are called Danny (who lives with Kate in Caversham and their beloved dog Daisy), and Paul, (living with Cathy in Queensland on a 70 acre plot of tropical forest!) Danny is a real whizzkid with all the countryside and wildlife knowledge, in particular birds and plants. Do ask if you have any unusual or challenging questions for me to pose him! Paul and Cathy work very hard in the design office at the railway planners in Brisbane.
  • Paul, Cathy, Dan & Kate

    Ingrid and Paul listen as Danny explains the difficulty of using the remote control on his camera!

  • Work has been in a variety of places including a fruit and vegetable stall on Reading and Oxford Markets, "Get yer luvverly bananas here...", The King Charles at Goring Heath, Designers, Doctors Surgery, Yellow Pages in the Debt Collecting Department and most time consuming of all has been the farm! No surprises there, then! (SUPPOSE WE SHOULD ADD HERE THE OFFICE/COMPUTER SERVICES WE NOW OFFER WHICH MEANS WE SPEND COPIOUS HOURS GLUED TO COMPUTERS!)
  • Nothing like a cuppa green tea, or should that be a green cup of tea?

  • Met Robin at a local pub, naturally, called The Highwayman at Exlade Street which is actually very near to where we live now. We know all sorts of different people who have visited this pub during different stages of their lives and, in fact, have met some very recently. It's a very common link so do we know you, perhaps? Take a look at for some fun memories!
  • Both Robin and I captained darts teams in the past but sadly, I've lost the particular muscle that apparently, only men have and are allowed to have, in the crook of their elbow!
  • I started Line Dancing ("YEE-HA")a couple of years ago, with my Mother, who has since given up! The first evening I went along I came home and flopped into a chair. I was completely glazed over and wondered if I had actually used my brain in the last 10 years whilst child-rearing! It's not just an ability to prance along the floor at the same time as other people that is required, but a skill to remember huge sequences of steps in a correct pattern and then to make your feet and legs do just those things, that is required! Real skill, but smashing fun when you can turn off and just enjoy dancing instead. If you've ever tried and have been successful, you'll know what I mean! Sadly, I don't find many moments to go along these days...too busy!!!
  • My Mother, Valerie, has many interests including Ballroom Dancing, Pottery, Extra-ing for a couple of TV companies and we've seen her, fleetingly, on The Vicar Of Dibley, Casualty and several other dramas and adverts. (SHE FLEETINGLY APPEARED IN HARRY POTTER, TOO!)She is married to Brian, an extremely placid and patient man (!) who has recently retired from the BBC where he was employed as a Russian Monitor. My Grandmother (Val's Mum) was 95 in February 2005 and still has a remarkably wicked sense of humour and fun! Her name is Violet Patience and you can either call her Vi or Patience (when she's being classy!) She's what you'd class as a "rare old bird". We all love her. Look at her beam on her birthday!
  • Great Nan, Violet Patience Harris

  • Each of our wonderful children are very different from one another but always make us proud - a little frustrated sometimes, but nonetheless, very proud indeed.

    Henry is currently in his final year at Langtree. Having quite a larf, I think!!! No seriously, he's doing well and we're hopeful for some maths, science, engineering and IT success! Maybe onto Henley College in the summer, but who knows?

    Polly is now in Year 9 and due to choose her Options. English, Art, Drama, Music are a few of the favourites. She recently sang at the monthly Goring Unplugged acoustic concert. Just how proud do you imagine we were!!!

    Angus currently plods along at Primary School, believing homework to be a curse! He's popular amongst his friends and very well behaved!

    George is doing very focused at School and doesn't mind homework too much! Phew - that's a relief! Both boys enjoy computer games and Gamecube challenges!

    Bonny is still delightfully feminine! Pink, sparkly, fluffy... you know what I mean! Skirts, tights, nail varnish, pretend clip-cloppy shoes and bling jewellery!!! What can we expect in the future? Don't mind really though, because she's always ready for a puzzle, games of snap or a cuddle!


  • With the farm and computing, we have little time for any other interests although, as a family, we used to love to go away to Alderney in the Channel Islands, Pagham (an old family favourite) or the most trusted of destinations - Devonshire! We always promised to take any children we had back to our Honeymoon destination, which was in fact, Kenya, but I don't think the wee ones are old enough just yet. We have shared a couple of fantastic French holidays with friends and their daughters, even taking in Euro Disney in 2004... won't hurry back although it was very interesting!
  • When time permits, I enjoy the home and garden makeover projects. I would welcome Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen and Diarmut Gavin into my home for their comments and advice! Always room for improvement there! Scrabble and Chess are great on a winter's evening and probably, my most serious interests, apart from the children of course, are art (life drawing in particular) and astrology. As the children have introduced themselves with their star sign, so should I! I'm a Sagittarian with Sagittarius rising, being born at dawn, so given the middle name Dawn!
  • Should also add that the first website I had a free reign with is that of the local Primary School, so please have a look and be patient for photos to download...
  • Yawn, yawn! It's all getting rather tedious now, but that little lot should keep any readers going for a while! E-mail me if you'd like to "chat" and I promise to reply a.s.a.p.
Mother and daughter Summer 2003

With little Bonnikins!

Mischief! Summer 2003

Ah... caught! A moment of mischief!

One old dino and her offspring Isle of Wight 2003!

I like this picture as it's the only one I have with all the offspring!

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